Monday, 6 August 2018

And The Sun Keeps Shining

Hello to all you lovely crafters.
 What fabulous weather we've had, bit too hot to work in but not complaining really.
Glad to see some rain for the gardens, my flowers have died of thirst even though my Hubby has watered it's just been too dry.

Not managed to spend much time in my craft room as the Grandchildren just wanted to play in the garden, well with the amount of things we've bought for their entertainment it's more like the park!!
Poor Hubby spends more time moving swings, slides, sand pits, play cottages etc just so he can mow the lawn.

We've just celebrated my Grandson's birthday too he's 3, bless him. It doesn't seem so long ago I was at the Hospital waiting for him to arrive. I had the wonderful experience of being with my Daughter as he was delivered and boy that was just so emotional after a very long and traumatic birth. I was so proud of her.
My Daughter has a big garden so he had a wonderful party with all his friends( all dressed up with characters from the film Moana) complete with bouncy castle, trampoline and even a face painter (adults were painted too) My other Daughter made a fab cake, it was huge and she themed the cake to match the day, I'll try to get a pic from her and post it, and Grandad got the job of the grand clean up, bless him.
A good nights sleep is now in order.

So here's my card, I love this Iilda, hands on hips, reminds me of me, when Hubby's pulled up the flowers instead of the weeds!

I'll have to check items used and post later.
Have a super week.
Hugs,  Sue xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Any Excuse.

Hello to all who visit.

 Well what about the weather eh???
Who would have thought that England would be warmer than most places abroad and for such an extended period of time

. Now I know it's fab but I'm melting and by the time I get home from work between heatwave and hot sweats I've just about enough energy left for a shower and a sit down and as my craft room is in the loft It's a no go area at the mo even with the window open and the fan on!!
So I don't think I'll be retiring abroad after all, one less on the bucket list.

My poor flowers have suffered too, we've been watering the garden borders as this year we planted quite a few annuals for colour but they've still withered.
 Even my Oriental  Poppies died in the buds before they managed to bloom so the soil must be dry to the core, I'm surprised we haven't been told there's a hose pipe ban!

England won again last night too eh, well well, not that I watch Footie at all but my Hubby, who has always hated Football,  has watched all the England matches,
 VERY STRANGE...........

till I have seen a pattern forming (in the recycle bin) in the form of beer cans,
'Well it's got to be done' say's my Hubby, 'Can't watch a Footie game without a beer in hand dear'
Wonder if he's gonna watch the Tennis next!!!

So onto my card.
I thought I'd have a play with my copics for a change as I've had them for years but just haven't seemed to gel with them the way I do with my DI's, and I have to say I still prefer my water colouring. I'm not a lover of this one, needs a lot more practise, I have a long way to go.

I'll be back later to add items used and Challenges.
Enjoy your day wherever you are.
Hugs Sue xx

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Sun Keep Shining Please

Hello all you lovely crafters.

Hope the weather where you are is as lovely as ours. We really have been blessed with some lovely days.

I managed to go to a craft event in Doncaster last weekend but it seemed much smaller than it had been in previous years and I know this because I went home with only one small bag and some money still left in my purse!!!!  Such a shame as there aren't many events in our neck of the woods and it's not always possible to travel too far afield.
Every year I promise myself that I'll get to Ally Pally but alas,  still not happened.

So I do my bit to keep the postmen in jobs and have items delivered (well that's my explanation to my Hubby when he has to retrieve a parcel from the sorting office cos I'm at work when they arrive and well says I 'if I didn't work darling I could sign for them myself'
So off I go to work whilst he's at the sorting office........

My Grandson who's nearly three, made me chuckle this week. My youngest Daughter was doing his mums hair so for a quick lunch she'd bought a be good to yourself Cottage Pie as a quick meal which just needed to be popped into the microwave.
He tucked in and after a few mouthfuls said 'you're a good cook mummy, it's yummy.
Soooo funny considering that when she makes it from scratch he turns his nose up!!
Strike one to Sainsbury's
Her face was a picture.

And this weeks funny wee story.
A client rang wanting her hair colouring with one of my co workers.
'What colour is it now ?' she asked
Oh dark black was the answer!!!
We're still trying to work that one out.

So onto my card.

Back later peeps with details and Challenges.
Have a super weekend.
Hugs Sue x

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Summer Days

Good morning all.

 Hope everyone enjoyed the lovely weather over the bank holiday. We do seem to have been blessed with some fab sunshine over the last few weeks.

I've managed to make a few cards too which is a bonus as it's a bit of a juggling act having the Grandchildren here and believe me they do take some watching, so the bank holiday has certainly helped to have some 'me time'.

Another job was sorting out the planters and tubs too (neglected for ever) now looking good with gorgeous bursts of colour. Mowed the lawns and weeded too. My.... Hubby has been busy...ha ha.
'Shall we get some solar garden lights to pop among the border, should look nice as it gets darker' says hubby. So off we went, picked and bought them and off he went to place them around.

Yep they did look nice, but I'm sure we bought six and I can only count five???
He looked under every hedge, plant, tree, shrub, he even looked around the front garden wondering if the Grandchildren had moved one...... nope.....
'We definitely bought six'  says I, so off he went for another mooch around just in case there was somewhere he hadn't looked before, while I went to get the receipt to check......

Oh .... only bought five....!!!!!

Poor man is still out there scratching his head. Me, I'm off to buy another one. I'll put it out tonight when he's gone to bed..... eeh.. those garden gnomes!!

So onto my card.

Have a beautiful day.
Hugs Sue xx

Saturday, 5 May 2018

It's time for another.

Hello to all who pop over to visit.

Seems we may have a good Bank Holiday, it's getting warmer here and the sun shone this afternoon  so fingers crossed.

On Thursday it was my Hubby's 60th Birthday (yay... caught me up)
We celebrated with a meal with our girls and family, it's so nice when we're all together, rather noisy, but nice. Then afterwards it was back to ours to blow out the candles on his cake (then open the windows to let out the smoke)  that my Daughter had made for him, very choccy it was too.
 All we had to do then was find his presents again where they'd been hid around the house, funny how even though the girls don't live at home they still have parcels delivered here (well Mum and Dad won't be out .... well where would we go!!!!!)  and some were huge, took some hiding I can tell you.

This week my Grandsons favourite film to watch is Basil the Great Mouse Detective (a fave of his mums too, once upon a time) so everyone this week is dispicable...... which is better than last weeks film  (Moanna) which involves being chased around the house and being whacked with a fish hook!!!!
See what next week brings eh.

And finally, one of my lovely ladies at work was telling me how she'd had an awful week as her smoke alarm had been making strange pipping noises, "Oh it just needs the battery changing"! says I, to which she replied..."My alarm doesn't need  batteries"  Errrr, right, so how does it work then, "It just works" she said, aww bless. I had conjured up a picture in my mind of a very long wire leading to the plug socket, so funny. Well this week her Son-In-Law arrived with a new battery to save another awful week of pipping," amazing" she said, "my other one never had batteries and it worked perfectly, this one mustn't be as good!!!!! And the battery cost £4, daylight robbery.
Note to self, check mine.

So here's my card.

Love this Tilda.
Have a super Bank Holiday peeps.
Hugs Sue xx

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Tilda in Pink

Hello to all who venture over here.

Well managed to get my exhaust fixed on my car only to be told I need a tyre now... what next I wonder?

Hopefully the weather is about to change though so something to look forward to I was frozen to the bone last week.
I try to meet up with my best friend once a week and go for lunch. It was decided we would go for a Carvery locally. We were seated right in an aisle where upon every time the door opened the freezing cold wind blew in. We were getting colder and colder and at one point I was shivering that much I shook my peas off my fork!!!
 'Do you want ice in your drink' the waiter asked, ...... nooo that's fine.... I'll just dip my toe in it!!!!!!!

 It took me till 9:00pm that night with the fire on full before I thawed out. Now I know how Anna felt!! 

Onto my card

I'll list items used later.
Have a good week.
Hugs Sue.

Friday, 6 April 2018

And another one.

Hello to all you lovely crafters.

 Have the diets started now after Easter. Mine has in my head, just not put it into practice yet!
I thought I'd be safely away from chocolate not having kids at home now but didn't factor in the Grandsons arriving with theirs and buying one for 'Nanna'
Aaaggghhh. Too much temptation!!
'Eat up all your dinner be a good girl'  my eldest Finley said  'and you can have some chocolate Nanna'  aww bless, just couldn't disappoint now could I?

Well hope we've seen the last of the snow now. I didn't get the the craft show as it snowed us all in here and I was gutted. I'b been so looking forward to it. I needed some inspiration having not crafted for a while and wanted to see what was new so I've been visiting some really inspirational blogs to get the mojo going again. Boy there is some fab designs out there.

So I hit the web and decided to spend my money online. Bought some new Maggie's and couldn't wait for them to arrive.............. Then my exhaust fell off my car...........Great...
Thank goodness I paid for them before or I would have felt guilty spending as you do and well I would have spent anyway if I'd gone to the show now wouldn't I???

Then my poor Grandson got Chicken pox. Poor soul was covered in spots. It's so hard trying to tell a two year old not to scratch. Good old Calomine, remember being doused in it myself as a child.
He was so proud of his spotty torso and was happy to show it to anyone that wanted to see it,  lil cutie.
So as a treat his mum took him to the drive through at Macdonalds, which he calls the green chicken shop as its painted green!!
'What would you like' the assistant asked, my Grandson said 'Chicken Pox please', soooo funny.

It was my youngest Daughter's birthday on Wednesday too, she is now 25yrs young. I had intended to hand deliver her card but as my car was off the road I rang her to sing Happy Birthday and I pretended to pull her hair 25 times and one for good luck and she said ouch 26 times, you've probably gathered we're all nuts in our family!  She did call for it later in the day though.

Onto my card.

I thought I'd have a play with my pencils and do a monochrome with a splash of colour for a change just to play with the shading.

I'll add a list of items used once I find them all. I really must try to be a tidier crafter ;-)


Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs Sue xx.