Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Any Excuse.

Hello to all who visit.

 Well what about the weather eh???
Who would have thought that England would be warmer than most places abroad and for such an extended period of time

. Now I know it's fab but I'm melting and by the time I get home from work between heatwave and hot sweats I've just about enough energy left for a shower and a sit down and as my craft room is in the loft It's a no go area at the mo even with the window open and the fan on!!
So I don't think I'll be retiring abroad after all, one less on the bucket list.

My poor flowers have suffered too, we've been watering the garden borders as this year we planted quite a few annuals for colour but they've still withered.
 Even my Oriental  Poppies died in the buds before they managed to bloom so the soil must be dry to the core, I'm surprised we haven't been told there's a hose pipe ban!

England won again last night too eh, well well, not that I watch Footie at all but my Hubby, who has always hated Football,  has watched all the England matches,
 VERY STRANGE...........

till I have seen a pattern forming (in the recycle bin) in the form of beer cans,
'Well it's got to be done' say's my Hubby, 'Can't watch a Footie game without a beer in hand dear'
Wonder if he's gonna watch the Tennis next!!!

So onto my card.
I thought I'd have a play with my copics for a change as I've had them for years but just haven't seemed to gel with them the way I do with my DI's, and I have to say I still prefer my water colouring. I'm not a lover of this one, needs a lot more practise, I have a long way to go.

I'll be back later to add items used and Challenges.
Enjoy your day wherever you are.
Hugs Sue xx


  1. Such a fabulous card Sue, I love the colours and gorgeous easel design. I am struggling massively with heat and even my mojo has disappeared. I have had to move some of my pots with trailing begonias in them into the shade as they don't seem to coping with the sun despite lots of watering.
    Keep cool.
    Gina xx

  2. This is gorgeous as usual Sue,which eve medium you use it still turns out awesome. I hope it doesn't start raining while I am away in August after all this sun. It would be my luck!!!