Monday, 6 August 2018

And The Sun Keeps Shining

Hello to all you lovely crafters.
 What fabulous weather we've had, bit too hot to work in but not complaining really.
Glad to see some rain for the gardens, my flowers have died of thirst even though my Hubby has watered it's just been too dry.

Not managed to spend much time in my craft room as the Grandchildren just wanted to play in the garden, well with the amount of things we've bought for their entertainment it's more like the park!!
Poor Hubby spends more time moving swings, slides, sand pits, play cottages etc just so he can mow the lawn.

We've just celebrated my Grandson's birthday too he's 3, bless him. It doesn't seem so long ago I was at the Hospital waiting for him to arrive. I had the wonderful experience of being with my Daughter as he was delivered and boy that was just so emotional after a very long and traumatic birth. I was so proud of her.
My Daughter has a big garden so he had a wonderful party with all his friends( all dressed up with characters from the film Moana) complete with bouncy castle, trampoline and even a face painter (adults were painted too) My other Daughter made a fab cake, it was huge and she themed the cake to match the day, I'll try to get a pic from her and post it, and Grandad got the job of the grand clean up, bless him.
A good nights sleep is now in order.

So here's my card, I love this Iilda, hands on hips, reminds me of me, when Hubby's pulled up the flowers instead of the weeds!

I'll have to check items used and post later.
Have a super week.
Hugs,  Sue xx


  1. Such a beautiful card Sue. Your colouring is gorgeous and I love the colours. The bow and embellishments are absolutely fabulous.
    It's too hot for me Sue, I'm wilting like the poor flowers, I am looking forward to Wednesday when it should be cooler.
    Gina xx

  2. Another real beauty Sue. Glad you are enjoying life with the grandchildren. They grow so quick.